All You Need to Know About Sports Shoes

Sports are one of the most revered physical activities. Amongst the most famous sporting activities include soccer, basketball, athletics, riding bikes, and mountain climbing. Some people engage in sporting activities as a profession while others enjoy it as a hobby. The physical nature of most sports requires that you wear protective gear to reduce your chances of getting injuries. Chief amongst these gear are sports shoes?

What do you call sports shoes?

There are numerous types of sporting shoes, with each sport having the shoes tailored to meet the physical rigor and safety requirements associated with them. Below is a look at some of the names of sports shoes used in different sports.

1. Soccer boots: These sports shoes are used in playing soccer. The soccer boots are mostly created using leather, rubber, or plastic, depending on the type of field they will be used. The outer sole of these sports shoes is fitted with studs to provide players with a firmer grip to the ground.

2. Tennis court shoes: You must wear tennis court shoes to ease your movement while playing. This is because they are designed to provide cushion, support, and traction necessary while playing tennis. Some famous tennis sports shoes include Asics Gel-Challenger, Puma GV special, Nike Vapor, Adidas Edberg, and Adidas Courtjam Bounce.

3. Mountain biking sports shoe: For better grip on the pedals, you should wear shoes designed for mountain bike riding. A pair of MTB at pedaled shoes would do the trick. Their stickiness will ensure your feet remain on the pedal, whereas their flatness increases contact with the pedal while riding the bike. Some of the amazing mountain bike riding shoes include Five Ten Freerider, Giro Berm, Giro Chamber 2, and Five Ten Freerider Pro.

4. Basketball kicks: These are designed to provide players with comfort and enhance their ight and exibility. There are numerous basketball shoes in the market. Even so, the best among them include Air Jordan 1 Retro High, Adidas Dame 5, Reebok Question Mid, and Nike Kobe A.D NXT.

5. Rollerblades: These shoes are tailored for use on skateboards. They have thinner soles to optimize contact with the board. Some of the most efficient skating shoes include Converse CONS Louie Lopez Pro, DC Legacy, Adidas Campus ADV, and Nike SB Dunk Low.

The types of sports shoes mentioned above are just some of those available for sporting purposes. There are also gym shoes, athletics shoes, mountain climbing shoes, among others. The rigorous nature of sporting activities makes sports shoes easily destructible. Seeking the services of a renowned repair shop such as Armando ensures that your shoes are reinforced, making them less susceptible to wear and tear.

What is the difference between regular shoes and sports shoes?

Most normal shoes are designed to provide comfort and an appealing look to enhance your feet’ appearance. They are designed to be worn for either ofcial or casual occasions. Types of regular shoes include speakers, high heels, vans, loafers, and ankle boots.

On the other hand, sports shoes are specifically designed to suit the sport. These boots are fitted with materials that enhance their flexibility, breathability, and shock absorption. Most of them are lighter than regular shoes and tend to provide more cushion to the toes and heels. Whether you need your sports shoes or everyday shoes reinforced or repaired, Armando Shoe Repair Shop is your best bet. We offer excellent craftsmanship that ensures that your sports shoe repair orders exceed your expectations. Contact us today and let us help make your sports life better by toughening your sports shoes.