All you need to know about Suede Cleaning

Suede shoes are among the most sought-after shoes because of the uniqueness of the material used in making them. These shoes are designed using high-quality leather that gives them a soft, smooth finishing touch. Moreover, their deep-shaded teddy bear beige colour with a taupe of undertone adds to their exquisiteness. While suede shoes provide elegance, their delicate nature demands that you take proper care of them if you want them to last for a long time. Below we some essential tips on how to care for these shoes.

Can you clean Suede?

Suede shoes are some of the stylish shoes. However, cleaning them may be tricky given their delicate nature. You should always ensure that you use the recommended suede cleaning materials and methods. For instance, these shoes should be hand-washed and never in a washing machine or dryer. Moreover, suede shoes should be cleaned using vinegar and rubbing alcohol. Water and soap are not appropriate for cleaning these shoes since they leave stains on them. The approach used in drying them is also different compared to other shoe types. Suede shoe naps should be brushed continuously as it dries to prevent them from getting brittle and swift.

How can you clean dirty suede shoes?

Suede shoe’s delicate fabric requires that they be cleaned in a specific way. Below is a step by step guide on how to clean dirty suede shoe:

  • Brush them vigorously using a suede brush: Brush the stained areas uniformly (single direction) to remove the dirt’s surface layer from the fibre. Once you are done, revert to brushing the dirt using a back and forth motion while applying a little more force to eliminate the dirt trapped beneath the surface.
  • Use Stain eraser to remove set-in stains: Suppose your suede shoes are not too dirty; there may be no need to subject them through this process. Otherwise, you should rub the erasor onto the stained areas while applying sufficient pressure.
  • Treat stains using rubbing alcohol or white vinegar: If the stain is still there, dampen a clean cloth using white vinegar or rubbing alcohol and use it to wipe the stained area, then let it dry. • Once it has dried, use a brush to brush off loosened dirt and fluff up the fabric.
  • Shave the fabric with a razor to restore the smooth texture of your suede shoes.
  • Wipe the shoe once more with a cloth dampened with vinegar and rubbing alcohol. Let it dry and then fluff up its fabric.
  • Apply suede protectant spray to make your shoe cleaner.

What is the best Suede Cleaner?

There are numerous suede shoe cleaners available. However, Jason Markk Premium shoe cleaner is the most efficient amongst them. This suede cleaner is made with zero harsh chemicals that effectively eliminate stains without ruining the fabric.

What is the home suede cleaner remedy?

While there are ready-made suede cleaning materials, there are times when you may be in a pinch such that you cant afford them. Below are some home remedies that you can use instead:

  • You can use your old soft-bristled toothbrush to clean your Suede
  • Put crumpled paper inside the shoes to help them retain their shape as you clean
  • You can use white vinegar to eliminate stains such as salt and oil
  • You can use a pencil erasor instead of a suede eraser
  • You can rub off your shoes using a clean bath towel after cleaning them

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