Cleaning Sneakers the Professional Way

Sneakers are sensitive to dirt, especially those that are made of bright colors. Sneakers of different materials require different modes of cleaning. Types of sneaker materials range from canvas, knits, synthetic leather, and nylon mesh. The detergent used on canvas sneakers may not be suitable for use on synthetic leather sneakers. It is therefore advisable that the cleaner be conversant with what suits your sneakers during washing.

Another factor to bear in mind before cleaning your sneakers is the type of dirt on them. Dust is easy to brush off the sneaker surface, but mud and grease dirt may require a more aggressive cleaning mode. Many people have no idea how to clean other parts of the sneaker apart from its outer surface. Always bear in mind that the inner soles and the outer soles are also parts of the shoe, and they equally gather dirt.

The washing machine vs. wash by hands has been a long time debate when washing sneakers arises. Some people feel that their sneakers require to be taken personal care of; hence go for hand washing. The truth of the matter is that some sneakers are machine-wash friendly while others aren’t.

Before going for machine washing, consider the cleaning instructions provided on either the sneaker packaging box or attached somewhere inside your sneaker. Read it carefully and decide if the material or type of dirt is safe in the washing machine.

Here are answers to most asked questions about sneaker-cleaning:

What is the best way to clean sneakers?

The best way to clean your sneakers is immediately you remove them. Keeping dirty sneakers for long gives the dirt a chance to cling stronger to the fabric. This makes it harder to clean it out once you finally decide to do that.

To clean out dust, take a soft-bristled brush and brush over the shoes. You can also take a damp piece of cloth and pass it all around the sneakers. The dampness on the cloth dissolves the dust. Soaking sneakers in water for a long time is not advisable as it causes damage to the glue or other material used to join the sole to the upper part of the shoe.

Mild laundry detergent creates a strong solution that sucks out the dirt from the sneakers while cleaning them. Please don’t use any bleaching agents while washing your sneakers as it may bleach them. Don’t forget to wash the laces, innersoles as well as outer soles.

What can I use to clean my sneakers?

Liquid detergent and warm water are high on the list of recommended items for cleaning sneakers. Baking soda also works well in removing stubborn stains.Other required items for use while washing your sneakers are:

•Small microfiber cloths.

•A soft-bristled brush.

•Washing machine ( if you decide to use that over hand washing).

How to clean designer sneakers?

Designer sneakers are higher on the dollar than other sneakers. Maintaining them should be given high priority at all *mes. Using the above-mentioned cleaning aids, you can keep your sneakers sparkling long after buying them.

Steps to follow:

  • Sprinkle the baking soda over the sneakers 30 minutes before the cleaning activity.
  • Mix the detergent with warm water.
  • Dip the cleaning brush in the water, then use it to scrub on the sneaker.
  • Keep scrubbing all all the dirt is no longer visible.
  • Rinse the shoes and air them in a cool place, away from direct sunlight.
  • Clean the innersoles and the laces, then air them as well.

Another solution is by taking them to professional cleaners to have them cleaned skilled hands. At Armandos Shoe Repair shop, we guarantee to give you back your sneakers while they are sparkling clean. Professional cleaning of sneakers prolongs their lifespan and maintains their glow, no maDer the kind of dirt that clings onto the