Custom Made Shoes Right for Your Feet

Have you ever wondered how it felt like having custom-made shoes? Well, we believe that no two feet are made the same. According to an independent research and testing organization SATRA, only around 1% of the world population have identical feet. With this, most people are now looking at their feet, wondering where they stand on the math. Having custom-made shoes just for your feet type is the ultimate experience. Indulge in a custom-made pair and achieve extreme comfort.

How much does it cost to get my shoes customized?

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There are so many different versions of custom shoes which translates to as many different shoe prices. The average price for custom-making shoes is between $179 – $288, which is affordable for quality shoes made with explicit craftsmanship. The basis of a custom-made shoe is that it is made specially for the customer’s foot. However, the shoe can be made to an entirely different standard of construction.

Most of the market’s custom-made shoes are hand-sewn, which hikes the shoe’s price and quality to eight times higher than the machine-made. The hand-made leather takes time to finish, but it looks more unique and lasts much longer. A machine-made custom pair can cost about $900, which shows the significant difference between this one and the hand-made one.

How can I get a custom-made shoe?

With custom-made shoes, it all boils down to taste and preferences. You have to know exactly what you want in a custom-made shoe. You can get a custom-made show from a shoe shop or shoe designer near you. You can also get custom-made shoes from your favorite shoe repair shop. You have to know the details you want in the custom-made shoes and give them to the cobbler. It takes a professional cobbler time to design a custom-made shoe and sew it. The cobbler must have the skills and experience to get everything you want right with the shoe.

While wearing a pair of custom-made shoes might seem like an indulgence,sometimes they are a necessity. Medical issues such as club feet, diabetes, or amputations can make wearing custom shoes a necessity. In such situations, a doctor opts to refer the patient to a custom shoe specialist to get their feet’s best shoes.

Maybe you bought a leather shoe that you really love, but it is too tight. Did you know that this is part of the cobbler’s job? Yes! You can get the shoe customized and stretched to t your foot. The leather shoe can be customized by stretching a bit for width, length, or taller boot shafts stretched a bit for width. A cobbler has all the tools and methods to customize your shoes to accommodate your feet comfortably. Get in touch with Armando’s Armando’s shoe repair shop today and get your shoes customized!