Make Your Shoes Sparkle

Make Your Shoes Sparkle

Leather shoes are great but some.mes, maintaining a shine becomes a problem. From sneakers, sandals, to official shoes, ge:ng the best shine some.mes becomes a problem. New shoes have a shine, but a>er wearing the shoe a few times, the wears outgrow the shine. So how do you maintain a good shine on your shoes? After asking this question for so long, the answer I found is to get a shoe shiner near me to do the magic. If you want the best, you have to go to the best.

How to make your shoes shiny?

There are so many low-maintenance shoe options starting from rubber shoes to faux leather shoes. However, none of these compares to a shiny pair of leather shoes. When taken care of, quality leather lasts for longer and also looks much better. The best way to achieve this was to get a shoe shiner near me, but I still asked myself, how can I make my shoes shiny?

Start with the following supplies:

  • Shoe polish
  • Polishing cloth
  • Clean rag
  • Horsehair buffing brush
  • Welt brush
  • A glass of water

Here is how to make your shoes shiny:

– Start with getting all your supplies together and removing the shoelaces to prevent getting the polish on them.

– If you have a shoe tree, insert it in the show or stuff the toe of your shoes with paper. This gives you a firm surface to work on.

– Clean off the dirt and dust using a dry brush. The welt brush and some water helps you get into the small spaces. Make sure the leather dries off completely before moving on to the next step.

– Thoroughly inspect your shoe before moving on. Make sure there are no lingering dirt specks, as these can scratch your leather as you shine. Use the dry rag to wipe the dirt specks off plus any residue water droplets.

– Use the polishing cloth to apply the wax polish on the shoe surface using circular motions. This helps the wax spread more evenly. Add as much polish as needed unless your shoe has a waxy and matte look.

– Use a toothbrush or the welt brush to apply some polish to the welt or heel. Let the polish dry for 10 minutes.

– Use the horsehair buffing brush and buff the shoe with quick side-to-side movements until a nice shine starts coming through.

– Use the dry rag to wipe off the excess wax.

– Dry and re-lace the shoe. The above is what a shoeshine does to your shoe.

At Armando’s Shoe Repair shop, making your shoe shine is an art we have mastered. Our expert shoe shiner can add a signature split shine to your shoe by placing a droplet of water on the shoe then rubbing a small amount of polish on the water droplet in small, fast circles. With this, your shoe gets the best signature shoe shine only at Armando’s Shoe Repair