Orthopedic Shoe Repair Westwood

Don’t dump your favorite orthopedic shoes… repair them by Armando’s specialist!

In addition to offering shoe resoling and handbag repair service, Armando Shoe Repair specializes in orthopedic shoe repairs and modifications in Los Angeles. Our shoe repairing professionals have the excellence to bring orthopedic shoes back to life. Our decades of experience have led to many satisfied orthopedic shoe repair customers in Los Angeles- who see the benefit of repairing their wellness-oriented orthopedic pair of shoes that fit so well. 

Assurance of Quality Repairing

We are a full-service orthopedic shoe repairing specialist. To ensure you a comfortable walking experience, we provide for you the most experienced hands and superior workmanship in repairs for orthopedic shoes. We give you the best shoe repair service in Los Angeles you’ve ever had with the most courteous and dedicated customer service. We can cast your foot and serve you a custom orthopedic insert. Our detailed attention to inserts will support your arch preventing probabilities and give you pain relief wellness solutions. We also take professional care of leg length discrepancy, rocker soles, sole wedges and heel, and many other foot-related concerns. 

There is no need to take your foot problems for granted, come straight to us, we give your feet the care it deserves!