Protecting the Soles of Your Shoes: Explained

Sole Protection in Los Angeles, CA

Investing in high quality shoes is a great idea, but the true challenge is maintaining the shoe’s appearance. Keeping your shoes looking spick and span can increase the lifespan of your shoes and ensure that your investment is worth wile. Amongst other signs that shoes are wearing out, one tell-tale sign of a worn down shoe is the sole. Depending on how you walk and how you distribute your weight as you walk, the soles of your shoes will begin to wear down in various places. As you continue to use your shoes, the soles will wear down signif犀利士 icantly – mostly in those run-down areas that are highlighted on the soles of your shoes. In order for your shoes to stay in the best condition, here are some tips for sole protection.

Protect First, Thank Yourself Later

With really expensive shoes, like designer high heels or oxfords, the sole of the shoe is important. For many who invest in high-end shoes, the goal is to protect the shoes so that they look as if they’ve never even been worn.
If that is your goal, then sole protectors will be a lifesaver. Before you even wear your shoes, you can take them to reputable shoe repair store, such as Armando’s Shoe Repair here in Los Angeles, and ask for protective rubber half soles. These will cover the sole of the shoe and keep the original sole in tact and untouched. This will greatly help with the lifespan of your shoes and ensure that you can wear them and enjoy them for years to come.

Store Your Shoes Properly

Shoes worth investing in are worth taking care of after the fact. Storing shoes properly can help to keep them in pristine condition, as well as protect them from damage. With high-end heels, sneakers, oxfords, boots, and so on, you want to ensure that you keep them in their duster bags. After use, putting your shoes in their respective duster bags will keep them safe wherever they are. Think about it – how many times have you worn regular shoes and then flung them inside of your closet amongst other shoes? Doing so may make your shoes dirty from touching other dirty shoes, as well perhaps cause accidental damage. Flinging shoes or storing them in an improper location may cause scuffs or marks to appear if in contact with surrounding objects or shoes. For oxfords or high-end sneakers, it may also be useful to utilize wooden shoe trees. They hold the shape of the shoe and absorb any sweat or moisture, while allowing the leather to breath.

Rotate Shoes

It sort of goes without saying, but if the best way to preserve shoes and keep the soles looking fresh is to not wear them too often. Of course you love the shoes and want to wear them – heck, that’s why you invested in them in the first place! But wearing any kind of shoe repeatedly everyday will definitely wear down the soles, crease the shoes, and prevent them from looking their best. It could also be important to keep in mind the event or venue you’re wearing those shoes out to. A crowded club scene with drinks spilling and people stepping on your toes may not be the best place to break out those Louboutin shoes you love. Restrain yourself from wearing that beloved pair of shoes too frequently and keep them looking great.

Leather Shoes Can Be Better

Leather has had a remarkable track record as a useful material due to its complexity and duality, but it is important to take care of your leather goods. Many leather goods, such as high-end leather shoes like oxfords, can last up to 10 years when cared for properly. The best way to preserve your leather shoes are to avoid water exposure to the leather itself, moisturize them frequently with leather conditioner/moisturizer, and utilize a good leather protectant. However, only caring for the leather will not usually help the entirety of the shoe.

Where They’re Stored Matters

Although not discussed terribly often, storing your high-end shoes, especially leather ones, in the proper place is essential. Environments that are wavering in one direction or the other can result in aged or damaged shoes. As stated before, it is best to avoid water with leather shoes. Do not store shoes in an area that might be close to the bathroom or other locations where water might be present – even if it’s just moisture. Leather can get wet, but it is always better to avoid it because the leather will rise as it dries and the leather’s oils will stain. The leather will also lose it’s suppleness and turn brittle. It is also best to not have your shoes out in an area that is exposed to tons of sunlight or heat. Heat causes the leather to dry out and become cracked, and sunlight can dry out the leather as well as make it fade. Be sure to store your shoes in their dust bags, in a cool, dark place that gets ventilation. This will keep your shoes looking the best they can for as long as they can.

Replace the Soles When Need Be

As you use your shoes for the next years to come, the soles will wear down. For shoes that may have costed a pretty penny or are difficult to replace, sole replacement is a great option. As aforementioned, when soles wear down they can disfigure the shoe altogether, not feel right when walking, and can even create holes or damage within the shoe. This type of damage isn’t suitable for usual wear and can also create more damage if untreated. To prevent harsh wear-down for the soles of your shoes follow the tips listed above. However, in the event you need sole replacement, allow us here at Armando’s Shoe Repair here in Los Angeles to handle that, as well as any other shoe needs.

For more information on how to protect your shoes, or to get the soles of your shoes replaced, be sure to give us here at Armando’s Shoe Repair a call. Entrust your beloved shoes with us, as our experience and dedication to shoes has serviced the Los Angeles area for years.