Shoe Repair and Resoling in Los Angeles: FAQs

How long does it take to repair shoes in Los Angeles, CA?

For a pair of shoes, it would take an average of one week excluding weekends and holidays for shoe repairs in Los Angeles, CA. Have your shoes repaired at Armando’s Shoe Repair now! 

How many times can you resole a shoe?

You can resole a shoe for approximately two or three times. For quality work, drop by Armando’s Shoe Repair for your shoe resoling.

Can the inside of shoes be repaired?

Yes, the inside of your shoes can be repaired. Armando’s Shoe Repair offers a wide array of service to cater to your shoe’s needs. 

Do shoe repair shops clean shoes?

Yes, shoe repair shops can clean your shoes. Seek professional service to keep your shoes well protected. Go to Armando’s Shoe Repair for more information.  

What can shoe repair fix in Los Angeles, CA?

Shoe shops can repair heels and lifts, as well as replace your worn-out soles. Other services that shoe repair shops can do are adjusting the fit for of your shoes, and strap replacement. At Armando’s Shoe Repair, they specialize in dye to match and refurbishment of leather, besides shoe repair. Visit their website for more information. 

How do you fix a broken shoe back?

A cobbler can reattach a broken heel if it is in one piece. However, you may need to replace it already with a new unit if the heel is broken into several pieces. It is highly recommended to go to a shoe expert to properly fix your broken shoes. At Armando’s Shoe Repair Service, you can never go wrong with the quality of repairs that they offer.    

Can cracked shoe soles be repaired?

Yes, your cracked shoe soles can be repaired. Armando’s Shoe Repair provides quality repair for your cracked shoe soles in the best way possible. Drop by their website for more information. 

How much does it cost to get your shoes resoled in Los Angeles, CA?

It depends on what kind and material of the shoes you are getting resoled, and the extent of the labor required to fix your shoes. High-heeled shoes can cost as much as $10 to $40 dollar for shoe resoling. For boots, resoling costs from $80 up to $150. In Los Angeles, CA, Armando’s Shoe Repair’s services are tried and tested to give the best care for your shoes. Drop by and get a quotation for your shoe repairs today. 

How do you fix worn soles?

All it takes is shoe sole adhesive and sandpaper to fix the soles of your shoes. For lasting shoe care, however, consult with a professional- Armando’s Shoe Repair. 

How long do sole protectors last?

Sole protectors last for about three to four years, depending on your shoe’s wear and tear. Armando’s Shoe Repair offers sole protector services. Visit their store in Los Angeles, CA or go to their website to know more about their different services. 

How do you maintain leather soles in Los Angeles, CA?

Leather is fairly temperature sensitive, so it is important to take good care of your leather shoes so that it may last you a long time. Avoid getting your leather soles wet, as it wears out the leather faster. However, your sole leather can also get worn out easily when it is too dry. To remedy this, moisturize your leather soles with polish. Leather-conditioning creams are also recommended to be applied to your shoes to make them last longer. For more tips and tricks on how to make your leather shoes last, Armando’s Shoe Repair provides the best service in Los Angeles, CA.  

Can you waterproof leather soles?

You cannot waterproof your shoes, however, you can make them a bit more resistant to water for a short period of time by using a couple of products. You can opt to use a water proof spray or Vaseline to coat your leather shoes and keep it protected temporarily. It is still best to seek professional services to get your leather shoes treated, such as Armando’s Shoe Repair in Los Angeles, CA.  

How can I fix my heels at home in Los Angeles, CA?

For a quick DIY home repair, you can fix your broken heels with a couple of steps. After cleaning the heel and sole of your shoes, get some sandpaper and super glue. After sanding the surface of your broken heel, apply superglue to the area and press it down for a few minutes. Secure it and let the glue do its magic for twenty-four hours. Home repairs are only advisable, however, if the damage is simple and can be fixed easily. For severe repairs, consult professional service. In Los Angeles, CA, come to Armando’s Shoe Repair for all your shoe repair needs. 

Can zippers be repaired?

Yes, zippers can be repaired. Armando’s Shoe Repair also offers other services besides shoe repair, such as zipper repair. Call their shop for more information. 

How do you replace a zipper pull tab?

You can replace a zipper pull tab in these quick, easy steps. After buying a replacement pull tab, pry off the loop on top of the slider. Once you have removed the old zipper pull tab, insert the replacement pull tab. With the replacement pull tab in place, replace the pull tab and close it. However, you can have your zipper pull tab repaired at any recommended repair store. At Armando’s Shoe Service, they also do zipper repair services.

Why is my zipper not closing?

Your zipper may not be closing because the slider is already worn out. Because of the constant pulling up and down to your zipper, the slider is not engaging on the teeth of the zipper anymore. There is a quick solution to this, however. Armando’s Shoe Repair also offers zipper repair services. Have your zipper fixed today. 

Can Leather Purses be Repaired in Los Angeles, CA?

Yes, leather purses can be repaired in Los Angles, CA. At Armando’s Shoe Repair, one of the services that they offer is luggage repair. As they provide excellent detail to craftmanship, rest assured, your leather purses will come out as good as new. 

How do you restore bags?

Some simple steps can be done to restore your bags. The first step is to clean your bag with a dry cloth. Next, disinfect your leather bag and remove any stain. Apply recoloring balm to areas of your bag which is worn out or faded. Lastly, apply leather conditioner to make your bag shiny and as good as new. Professional services, however, can do a much better job at restoring your bag. Come to Armando’s Shoe repair and have your luggage repair service for a more detailed finish to your bag or purse.  

How do you rehydrate leather in Los Angeles, CA?

By applying a leather conditioner and protector cream, you can rehydrate your leather bag to bring it back to its former glory. Armando’s Shoe Repair offers a variety of services that caters to leather goods such as luggage repair, hand bag repair and dye and refinish, and shoe dye and refinish. Come down to Westwood Blvd in Los Angeles, CA to visit their store. 

Do cobblers fix belts in Los Angeles, CA?

Yes, cobblers can fix belts. In Los Angeles, CA, Armando’s Shoe Repair offers not just shoe repair, but belt repair as well. With the promise to provide the best service to their clients, you are sure that your repaired good will look and fell brand new.