Taking Care of Your Zipper Boots

Taking Care Of Your Zipper Boots

Zippers tend to fail at the most crucial time. The reason why zippers fail is not because of quality or durability most of the time. Even high-quality boot zippers can fail you at the most convenient time. When the zipper fails, you can get a cobbler who can fix the boot zipper or try to DIY, which most of the time ends up in a fail. If you have a faulty boot zipper, unless you can get a cobbler who knows their way around boots, you can end up further damaging the boots.

Taking good care of your boot zipper helps increase the zipper’s life and the boots. However, taking care of your boot zipper takes more than a rag, polish, and cleaner. It would be best if you had a zipper cleaning agent or lubricant and a brush. When the time comes and your zipper can’t take it anymore, you can opt for boot zipper repair or have the entire zipper replaced.

Can a cobbler fix a zipper on boots?

A cobbler can fix boot zippers, but it requires time and patience depending on how badly your zipper is broken. Sometimes, the zipper has to be fully replaced, not even fixed. Getting a professional cobbler who can fix boot zippers is the first challenge here. Most shoe repair shops have cobblers who can’t do anything more than patch up or repair your shoes. Fixing a boot zipper requires a cobbler who knows their way around the boot enough to fix boot zippers without further damages. A professional cobbler can even shorten a long boot shaft which requires skill and expertise.

How to fix a separating boot zipper?

A separating boot zipper is frustrating, especially when you really need to wear the boot. While you can change your outfit and wear other shoes, fixing a separating zipper is easier than most people think. You only need some wax and a wax applicator, or you can use your finger. You also need a flathead screwdriver and needle-nose pliers.

You can then use the following steps to fix the boot zipper:

  • Work down the zipper below the point where there is a tooth that doesn’t fall into place. When the zipper resists, don’t force it down. Wiggle it gently while reversing and tugging on one side until it gets beyond this point.
  • Examine the zipper teeth to locate the bent ones and straighten them. You might need to use the needle nose pliers for this. Be careful to avoid breaking the bent tooth.
  • Wipe the entire zipper and spread some wax to the zipper teeth from up to down. Make sure the wax gets into the zipper and the grooves.
  • Take the zipper up and down several times and slowly to ensure all teeth are catching.
  • The zipper is hopefully now behaving, so wipe off the extra wax and put on your boots.

If you require the services of a cobbler to fix boot zipper, don’t shy away. Armando’s shoe repair has you covered.