Shortening High Heels

High heels make you the wearer appear much taller, and give an illusion of longer, slimmer legs. High heel shoes are also more attractive compared to flat shoes. The benefits of the high heels sound amazing but having impractically high heels is a disadvantage. The sexy walk turns into an uncomfortable and painful walk. You get home feeling so tired and exhausted with your feet in pain. It is an experience no woman wants to go through hence the need to shorten high heels.

How much does it cost to shorten my high heels?

Before we get to how to shorten high heels, we must understand how much it costs to do it. It will cost you anywhere between $80 to $ 140 to shorten your high heels. If you want to replace the plastic heel cap on the bo:om of the heel, it will cost you from $10-$20.

First of all, this is a job for the experts. This can never be a DIY project that you can do at home unless you are a professional cobbler. Remember, when you want to shorten high heels, you change the design of the shoe. That means being precise to make sure everything on both shoes is the same to give a comfortable walk.

The risk of having just any cobbler shorten your high heels is not worth taking. Why? Imagine walking with shortened high heels, but one of the heels is shorter than the other. This is the worst confusion you will ever have walking. It is uncomfortable and gives you a weird walk. Even your brain is jumbled from walking like that. Let the professional at Armando’s Shoe Repair Shop handle everything for you.

How to Shorten Designer High Heels?

Some of the most challenging heels to shorten are designer high heels. These are shoes made with a specific, mostly custom design. Any improvements on the shoe have to be made very carefully to avoid damaging the design or even the entire shoe. Even the best heel shortening experts near me shy away from this task. Designer shoes are like a drug. Did you know that some women have foot surgeries to wear designer shoes?

To shorten designer heels, the cobbler has to be professional and experienced. It starts with studying the heels’ design to make sure he doesn’t alter or damage it. The cobbler also has all the important and needed tools to shorten the heels. It takes patience, time, and expertise to shorten designer heels and come up with amazing results.

Armando’s shoe repair shop understands the challenge in shortening designer heels. This is one reason why the cost to shorten designer heels is a bit higher than the cost to shorten ordinary heels. With designer heels, one has to take care not to damage the shoe or the materials used. Altering the height of your heels changes the balance and structure of the shoe. It is only feasible to remove one inch from a heel.