Custom Made Shoes for Problem Feet

People who have problems with their feet need to wear a special type of shoe. Medically, they are called orthopedic shoes. Foot pain has a way of limiting our movements from place to place. With these shoes, your paining leg or legs will get enough relief for you to make walking easier.

Uncomfortable shoes are not suitable for foot problems. Orthopedic footwear is made in a way that guarantees maximum comfort. Doctors discourage wearing heels and shoes smaller than the patient’s feet if they have foot pain.

When going to buy shoes for feet problems, carry the socks that you intend to wear with the shoes. Wear those socks when testing shoe size. Shoes that fit well are the most recommended for foot problems. Without the socks, you may try on the shoes and think that they are a perfect fit but become smaller in size when the socks occupy space once worn.

Custom-made shoes for problem feet are made to the exact design of the patient’s feet. They have to visit the shoemaker’s shop for their feet measurements to be taken. Some custom-made shoes for feet problems have to be made to the doctor’s recommendations.

To understand how orthopedic shoes work, below are answers to the questions asked about the topic.

Can you have shoes custom-made?

Having custom-made shoes means that the shoes are made to be an exact fit for your feet. The shoes are made according to the actual foot measurements of the person who’ll be wearing them. These shoes are mainly recommended for people with club foot, leg pains and diabetes.

You get to decide the material to be used for your shoes, as well as other details that suit your fashion preferences. For this kind of work, you’ll need to visit a cobbler who is conversant with the creation of orthopedic shoes, like Armandos Shoe Repair shop.

We have qualified cobblers who are good at repairing shoes and well trained to custom make shoes for problem feet. We will make these shoes for you to the last detail of your preference in mind. We deliver quality shoes in record time, and our prices are customer-friendly.

What is the best custom orthopedic for shoes?

The best custom orthotics are those that are the ones recommended by othortists or pedorthists. These are professionals who deal with feet problems that can be corrected. A prescription from either of these professionals comes after they have medically assessed the foot problems to know your required shoes.

Orthopedic shoes must be made in a way that they are capable of rectifying the problem feet. They must be fitting and comfortable. Having them custom-made means that you’ll need first to get a foot scan to mold your feet’ exact shape. You’ll then be required to give the scanned copy of your feet to a professional cobbler to work on a custom orthopedic shoe for you. For this and more, visit us at Armandos Shoe Repair shop.