Shoe Repair Information in Los Angeles, CA

The cost of repairing damaged shoes is lower than buying a new pair of the same. Seeing your favorite pair of shoes lying on the shoe rack without use is devastating. It feels worse if you don’t know where to take it for repair because the shoe-repair shop you trust is located far from where you live.

Shoe repair cost ranges between 20 to 100 dollars or more, depending on the type of shoe. The kind of repair needed also plays a significant role in the shoe repair charges. Shoe damages such as detached soles, holes, torn interiors, and broken heels are among the issues that require us to take shoes to a repair shop.

A good and trusted cobbler is as valuable to shoe owners as a mechanic is to car owners. You want the reassurance that your shoe will come back to you looking as good as new. We also like to be sure that the shoes taken for repair will not take too long, especially if we plan to wear them to an occasion. This is exactly what we guarantee you at Armandos Shoe Repair shop. Quality and timely shoe repairs are our main focus.

At Armandos Shoe Repair shop, distance is not an issue because, as explained later in this article, we offer mailing services. With this, you can mail your damaged shoes to our shop. We will take the required time to mend and repair them, then mail them back to you.

How to send shoes for repair by mail

The ability to send shoes for repair via mail is a time-saving opportunity. It also offers the satisfaction of getting services from Armandos Shoe Repair shop, no matter where you are in the United States. It provides you convenience and excellent shoe repairs without having to travel far.

Shoe repair mail services can be equated to online cobbler services. All that’s required of you is to order the services online. You can decide to have the mailing services offered from your doorstep to our shoe repair shop.

You’ll be required to fill out a form with your name, location and give a description with the details of your shoes’ damage. After that, you’ll put the shoes in a package box and seal it. The mailing charges will be explained to you by the courier or shipping service providers.

After the shoes have reached our shop at Armandos Shoe Repair, we will contact you through the provided email or phone number. The next thing you do is relax and wait as we skillfully work on your shoes for about 5 to 10 working days. We will then mail the repaired shoes back to your doorstep.

To ensure that your requirements have been met, we may send you photos of the shoes after repair. You will examine them and give us feedback before mailing them back to you. The same may be required to you before you mail your shoes to us.

With prior knowledge of the extent of the shoes’ damage, we will be able to give you a quote for the repair. We will also be in a much beMer posi;on to assess the ;me that will be required for the repair and alert you beforehand. However, we can only be able to give you the most accurate assurance once we are in physical possession of the damaged shoes.

If you have damaged shoes, don’t be in a hurry to give up on them. Armandos Shoe Repair shop is closer to you than ever, with the help of mailing services.